Global hotspots of Private Schools.

In this bite, we discuss the rise and dominance of private schools around the world.

Where do you think is the capital of Private sector-led Schools? America? Europe? Australia?


The Global South is the powerhouse that has been able to privatise its education. And, there is no doubt about the quality of minds that countries like India, Malaysia, or Pakistan, produces.

It’s not just India that is highly dependent on the private sector. About 50%. India’s neighbors are seeing higher enrollment into private schools with every passing year. Pakistan has 34% private schools in the primary stage. Bangladesh has a staggering 94% enrollment in the private secondary stage. In Malaysia, private school enrollment grew from just 1% in 2002 to love 15% in 2013, due to its explosive growth in the urban middle class.

Owing to the rise in private sector schools, governments around the world are wondering how to regulate the quality of education and exercise control over things like syllabus, fees, infrastructure, and more.

The next few Bites will focus primarily on the various experiments taking place around the world to integrate private schools within the system.


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