How difficult is it to open a School?

In this bite, we discuss the challenges of opening a low fee private school in India.

Govt. Regulations have the power to break the best of the businesses.

This is what’s happening with Indian private schools today. To date, the governments have been so obsessed with seeing Education as a Nobel business that they missed the whole point. Low fee private schools need to work like low fee institutions.

Let’s talk about RTE Act 2009 for instance. It states a lot of infrastructure requirements like 1 teacher per classroom or a 30:1 pupil ratio. These requirements are unreasonable and rake up so much capital investment that a low fee private school stops making sense at some point.

The regulations at times differ from state to state, city to city, urban to rural areas and between affiliating boards and can be extensive.

In Delhi, for example. The 125 document registration process has 155 steps and involves at least 40 officers. This may take several months to years in some cases to complete.

These unreasonable and archaic laws do not help anyone. Government, Schools, or Students. The government is cutting the branch they are sitting on. Low fee private schools are the backbone that teaches the students that Government fails to educate in their own schools.

India needs to adapt and bring revolutionary changes to kickstart the schooling sector and in turn, help ourselves for building the Bharat of future

This was more than a bite today. 😉

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