Its now or never for Schools

In this bite, we discuss the acute financial problems faced by private schools.

School is tough business.
And, if it’s a private unaided school, the government isn’t going to support them either.

The pandemic has been pretty bad financially for a lot of professionals and industries.
But, few have been hit as strong as the schooling sector. They are bleeding and nothing seems to be working to cauterize the wound.

A school has many fixed costs like:

  • Property Rent
  • Teacher’s Salary
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • EMI’s and many more.

These costs have mounted high and the income has dried up. Most schools report that they haven’t received even 5% of the fee that is due for the past year.

If the schools do not start re-opening soon, study estimates that almost 23% of the schools will have to shut shop.

This is specifically going to affect the lower-middle-income class’s education very badly. Its now or never for schools.

That’s our bit on today’s bite.

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