Regulatory hurdles in running a School.

In this bite, we discuss the regulatory hurdles that schools face in day-to-day operations.

In the last Bite, I talked about the regulations that make it almost impossible to open a low fee school in India today.

Today, I will focus on the hurdles that are in place to make it even harder to run that school if you somehow got all those necessary approvals.

Inspections and Auditing – Taking the example of Delhi, the schools have to be inspected annually that covers areas like the functioning of the management committee, payment of teachers salaries, education quality and more. These inspections can take up to 919 days as it goes through a 68 point checklist.

Fee regulations – This has resulted in a brain drain from the Education industry to other high paying ones.

Teachers Salary and Staffing regulations – In Delhi, the high court has asked schools to pay as per the 7th Pay Commission. This is going to push schools to increase the fees and hence strain the pockets of already stressed parents.

Delayed reimbursements – For the year 2019-20, the government reimbursed only 63.78% of the Rs. 1726 crore under RTE Act. 

These dual-purpose policies not only make the smooth running of schools difficult, they also miss the whole point of regulations in this industry, i.e., to improve the quality of education by empowering owners.

That’s all for today. 

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